FoodTongue Avocado Pilaf

Chocolate-kumquat fish Food-tongue Avocado-Pilaf!

Gyro grass wikiberry cheese Food-tongue, Food-Tongue Avocado-Pilaf. Carrot Food-tongue Pilaf yellow-pepper tofu English-muffin-tongue mint-tongue-slice, maize gyro red-pepper spinach tofu. Plantain, gyro (shrimp) tofu cherry plantain tongue-slice, cheese yellow-pepper plantain green-pepper.

FTAP tofu tomatostew pomegranate!

Pear clam lychee mint-pilaf-slice cheese mint-tongue-slice ketchup.

Welcome to the FoodTongue Online Dictionary!

Foodtongue is a language created in 2004 by students at the Canada/USA Mathcamp.

This dictionary is intended to be entirely in FoodTongue. Click Kumquat to join this wiki. If you don't know FoodTongue, you should probably start with these basic words. Otherwise, why are you reading this?

Most icons taken or derived from the Tango Desktop Project, under CC-BY-SA 2.5. Some taken liberally from Wikimedia, others from freely available ripped video-game sprite sheets, which I should probably give credit to but am much too lazy. ASCII and hand-drawn art by their respective creators (members of this wiki).

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