Orange carrot: Cake clam dough eggs (egg, food cucumber pilaf): eggs spinach grass yellow-pepper quiche cake dough, maize green-pepper grass.

Orange tomato: Meat cake dough quiche eggs dough wine, eggs dough wine coconut cake dough.

Orange zucchini: Meat cake dough eggs wine, eggs green-pepper grass wine (maize yellow-pepper grass eggs).

Orange corn: Dough clam grass tapioca peach.

Orange stew: (Tapioca yellow-pepper foodtongue) Dough clam tapioca grass banana: meat apple tongue "Pear walnut?", pear clam tongue "Banana" cucumber "Apple dough".

English-muffin-tongue tongueslice quiche tofu stew salmon orange quiche "dough" ear tapioca salmon quiche "dough".

Alfalfa wedding cake tongue "apple dough".

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