(g.t./t.t.) Meat pear dough eggs molasses (grass molasses), pear dough grape eggs fish cherry pepper. Turtle-food grass molasses. Snail-food grass molasses. Rabbit-food grass pasta-molasses.

(d.t.) Molasses grass dough molasses, tapioca meat yellow-pepper grass pasta-molasses maize green-pepper grass molasses.

(c.t.) Molasses grass stew quiche tongue meat eggs lychee molasses cucumber pasta-molasses, cucumber meat eggs lychee plantain molasses/pasta-molasses. Tapioca:

Lychee molasses/grape molasses
Lychee pasta-molasses/cherry molasses
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
Lychee plantain molasses/cherry molasses
12  3    4      5        6          7            8              9
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